These are basically my lesson plans for each day.  I usually update these around Friday, so if Thursday rolls around and you can't find out what we're doing on Monday just relax and try again over the weekend.  Also, these plans might change a bit.  You never know what might happen from day to day.  For instance, I may accidentally slam my head in the filing cabinet and then wake up several days later, speaking Spanish and wondering where I am.  Again.  These little mishaps can really change my lessons. So don't get too upset if things like this happen and we don't do what we're supposed to do when we're supposed to do it and we do what we're supposed to do later than when we thought we might do it or before we thought we would do it.  Heck, we've even had to do something before we wanted to do it, and then had to do what we wanted to do before later, after the first thing we had to do, but before the thing we wanted to do first, which we were forced to do later.  Got it?  Of course you do.