Photos, Page 4
Here's Mr. Broom.  He helps us clean up the room.  He's also what my Mom rides to work on every day. 
This is what my room looks like when I close my eyes.  It's also what Mr. Vento's room looks like to you about 5 minutes into his class.
This is Mr. Vento and his best friend the literature book.  Actually, the book is his best friend because it's the only thing that hasn't tried to run away from him.  (Well, it did try, but Mr. Vento holds it really tight.)
This is the custodian, Mr. Dave, chewing on a fluorescent light bulb.  A lot of kids are afraid of him because he's so strange, but, if you just hand over all of your lunch money, he'll usually leave you alone.
This is Mr. Spisak.  I'd explain this picture to you, but his lawyers have asked that I not comment on it until the trial is over.