Hey kids, it's time to play the Guessing Game.  No, it's not what you play every day at lunch when you try to figure out just what kind of meat they use in the cafeteria, it's the game where you look at a picture that has been taken with an electron microscope and try to guess what it is.   An electron microscope is a super-powerful microscope that costs so much that they'd never let a guy like me get within twenty feet of it.  To play, find a picture below, read the possible choices, and make your guess.  If you're stumped, you can click on the "Answers" button .  There are 25 questions total, some on this page, and some on "Guessing Game Page 2" and "Guessing Game Page 3".  See how many you can get right, Smarty Pants!  That's right, I'm talkin' to you Smarty.  Smarty, Smarty, Smarty, Smarty, Smarty.  Man are you ever arrogant!
Number 1
A.  It's a piece of cheese that I found stuck to my back.
B.  It's bacteria growing on a toothbrush.
C.  It's a close-up of a lemon peel.

Number 2
A.  It's a close-up of a sweater.
B.  It's a painting that I made while I was "resting" in a "hospital".
C.  It's ordinary dust, with pieces of plant, spider webs, human skin
and insect legs.
Number 3
A.  It's lava.
B.  It's a piece of buttered toast.
C.  I don't know what it is, but I found it in an old Kleenex.

Number 4
A.  It's a close-up of sugar.
B.  It's what Pearl Road will look like after winter's over.
C.  It's a close-up of a CD.

Number 5
A.  It's just one of my grandpa's sores.
B.  It's an eye of a housefly.
C.  It's a strawberry.

Number 6
A.  It's my prom date.
B.  It's a head louse. (That means a single lice.)
C.  It's a termite.

Number 7
A.  It's a close-up of a human tongue.
B.  It's a close-up of a human eyeball.
C.  It's what happens when you keep picking at one spot on your forehead all day long.
Number 8
A.  It's where Mr. Spisak lives.
B.  It's a fiber-optic cable.
C.  It's a close-up of a hair with split ends.

Number 9
A.  It's a piece of lettuce.
B.  It's something that fell out of the nose of one of our
cafeteria ladies.
C.  It's a piece of toilet paper.