Guessing Game Page 2
Number 10
A.  It's mold growing on a piece of fruit.
B.  I don't know what it is, but it tasted just like chicken.
C.  It's bacteria growing on a pin head.

Number 11
A.  It's a wool sweater.
B.  It's a close-up of a dirty shirt collar.
C.  It's a hairball that I coughed up after licking the carpet in
my living room.
Number 12
A.  It's just another one of the scabs in my collection.
B.  It's the surface of a sugar cookie.
C.  It's a tea bag.

Number 13
A.  It's a mushroom slice.
B.  It's how I contact my home planet.
C.  It's a part of a flower.

Number 14
A.  It's elephant skin.
B.  It's a cooked potato.
C.  I don't know, but it's the exact color my teeth turned
when I gave up brushing for Lent!

Number 15
A.  It's something I found stuck to the bottom of my car when
I drove through a field of puppies.
B.  It's mold growing on a tomato.
C.   It's grease on a human scalp.

Number 16
A.  It's a cockroach.
B.  It's an ant.
C.  It's what your mom looks like without make-up.

Number 17
A.  It's a fungus spore.
B.  If you stick these deep into your eyes, you can actually
stay awake in reading class.
C.  It's pollen.

Number 18
A.  It's the surface of a leaf.
B.  It's a slime mold.
C.  It's what the cafeteria ladies grind up to make the "meat".