These are the videos that I'd like you to watch on your own time for each unit.  You can watch them after a lab, or after a test, or at home, or when another class gives you some free time, or on the bus, or while bathing, or while walking your dog, or while eating dinner, or while watching a movie, or while mowing your lawn, or while brushing your hair, or while working on a puzzle, or while building a model airplane, or while carving farm animal shapes out of a block of cheese, or while wearing a large snow boot on your head and dancing around in your neighbor's yard while also singing the entire Michael JacksonThriller album while also holding a duck in your left hand while making your right hand move his little bill up and down, like he's the one singing the Michael Jackson Thriller album and your just watching him do it.  Actually, you should also pretend like it's the duck that's also watching the video because that would be totally hilarious.  Hilarious.