Here is a flash game that I made.  I also posted some other free games that others have made.  I know these don't compare to some others that you've seen, but those are made by professionals, and I'm not much of a professional at anything. (Except perhaps at nosepicking.  Yeah...I'm a pretty good nosepicker.)

Oh, and if you don't have Flash on your computer, you can get it here:
This is my game.  It's about Mr. Vento and his unnatural fear of snakes.  My high score is 8 million.  Beat that, sucker!
This is a game called Speedball.  It's about a ball that's fast.  You might even say it's speeding.
This game is called Dementors.  It's kind of like my Vento game, but with better graphics and more fun.
This is a marble game where you have to see if you can clear the entire board by grabbing a marble and jumping it over another marble.
This is a cannon game.  The longer you hold down the mouse button, the farther the cannon shoots.
This is a fishing game.  It's all the fun of fishing without the sinky mess.  Make sure you read the instructions.
This game is called Space Attack.  Make sure you read how to play so you can go attack some space.
This is a game called Space Invasion.  Use the arrow buttons to move and the space bar to shoot.
This is Tetris.  Mmmm...Tetris.
This game is called Mars Rover.  Click the instructions if you need help. (With the game that is, not professional help!)
This game is called Faces.  It's just like a Mr. Potato Head game, only in spanish! (Mmm...potato.)
This game is called Simon.  All you have to do is try to repeat the colors that the computer makes.  Think it's easy?  Well, it's not.  It's so hard that Simon makes me angry.  Very, very angry.