Cool Science Links, Page 2 This is Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab, where you can go to find some cool experiments you can do at home.  Just make sure you wear your goggles.  This is the Mineral Gallery, where you can look at and even buy minerals, if minerals are your thing and you have nothing better to spend your cash on.  This is the web site of Science News Magazine.  It's a nice place to go, if you want some nice articles on current science events.  This site is dedicated to hurricanes.  See pictures of them, find out fact on them and even fly through a 3D hurricane.  Ever see the show on Comedy Central?  Well, battlebots are robots that fight.  No, they don't fight us, they fight other robots.  Check out the site to see more.  This site is great!  It's the wacky patent of the month.  It lets you see the stupid stuff people are inventing.  For instance, one guy invented a golf ball with a model airplane engine strapped to it. Gee, how many hours did that loser spend on that one?  This is Florida Panther Net, a site dedicated to learning about Florida Panthers.  There's puzzles, a coloring book, pictures and even a screen saver dedicated to the furry, fluffy Florida Panther.  This is a great site!  It's called How Stuff Works, and you can go here to find out just about anything works.  Want to know how a CD player works?  How about a television or a jet engine.  Heck, they'll even tell you how a toilet works.  Ever wonder why the sky is blue?  How about why penguin's feet don't freeze?  If so, then this site is for you.  Hundreds of science questions are answered at this site.  Check it out and you just may learn something. (Shocking!)  This is the Owl Cam site, giving you picture after picture of a pair of Northern Barred Owls that live in Massachusetts.  If you spend more than 30 seconds here consider yourself very lonely.  This is one of my favorite sites.  It's all about optical illusions, and you can see and print out some really cool ones to freak out your friends and family.  (If they're not already freaked out.)  Did you ever watch the X-Files?  Well this site is called The Science Behind the X-Files and it can help you find out what parts of the show are actually real.  The site talks about each and every show, so it's pretty big.  I love this site.  It's called The Science of Hockey, and you can learn about how science is used in this sport.  By the way, it doesn't talk about the science behind the hockey players ripping off their gloves and beating the crap out of each other.  This site is about sharks.  It should help you to see that sharks are not really terrible killing machines like everyone thinks they are.  You can even e-mail questions to shark experts and pester them with questions.  Unfortunately, shark experts are really terrible killing machines, and they may attack you if your questions get too annoying.  This is a solar system simulator, from the good folks at NASA.  Here, you can see a picture of any planet, at any time, from the view of any other planet.  Want to see what Venus will look like from Saturn on December 22, 2009?  Well, now you can!  Who doesn't like looking at X-Ray's and MRI's of human brains?  How many times have you wished you had a place to go to see dozens and dozens of them?  Well, now you do!  Enjoy, freaks!  Love those dinosaurs?  Well, if so then this site is for you.  Woof, woof! (That's the sound a dinosaur makes.)