Cool Science Links, Page 1 This is the Museum of Unnatural Mystery.  There are lots of strange science stories like UFO sightings, monsters, floating  tombstones, mummies and much more.  You can even see some of the sight in 3D!  This is supposed to be the yuckiest site on the internet.  It's still not nearly as yucky as your breath, but it's pretty cool. This is the site for the Cool Robot of the Week.  Yes, that's right, you can see a cool robot every week.  And, because the archives go back to 1996, these weirdo's have been building robots for a stinkin' long time.  This is an online encyclopedia.  Remember kids, printing out pages and pages of stuff off of this site does not count as a report!   This site, sponsored by the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, is filled with games, activities, pictures and other stuff.   This site allows you to virtually dissect a frog.   If you can't wait to dissect in high school, try this page.  However, you'll need a pretty good computer to make it work.  This is the American Heart Association's home page.  Lots of heart facts.   This is National Geographic's salute to lightning.   This site will allow you to see satellite pictures of the earth and moon from different locations in space and at different times.   Very cool.  This is the Chemcool site.  They have a big, fat periodic table that you can click on to learn about any element.  Weeeeeeeeee!  This the the FDA web site.  Check it out for the latest information about toxicology research and animal drugs.  The toxicology research will help you choose what to order in our cafeteria!   This site is brought to you by the entomology department of Iowa State University.  Entomologists are people who study bugs, and this page will give you recipes like banana worm bread and how to make chocolate chip cookies with crickets.   Kids, I know you're used to finding bugs in your food, but this time they're supposed to be there!  This page is from the Wildlife Conservation Society. It is full of animal facts, pictures and just about everything you'd possibly want to know about wildlife.  A great site it visit if you have a report.  This site is brought to you by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  They're the good folks who protect our fish and water life.  If you want to know anything about fish, this is your site.  This is The Natural History Museum of London.  Let's face it , you'll probably never get there in person, so you can pretend that you're on a great vacation instead of just sitting in front of some stupid computer.  Lots of cool things to see and do on this site.  This is the Cat Fancier's Web Site, a site devoted to cats.  These people are completely gaga over cats, and this page will prove it.  You can get information on any breed, find out how care for your cat, get information on cat books and even find out where the next big cat show will be held.  Kids, if you spend more than ten minutes on this site I'll worry about you.  This is the virtual heart page.  It lets you see diagrams of the heart, pictures of real hearts and the path that blood takes as it flows through the heart.   Gee, I used the word "heart" three times in one sentence.  Groovy.  This is the virtual insectary.  It's a ton of pictures about insects.  If you like bugs or just want to identify the things buzzing around your gym clothes, then this is your site.  The guy that made this site claims that he's got the instructions to building the "Best Paper Airplane in the World".  Kids, if you never get a job or find a girlfriend and live with your parents until you're 40, you may just be sorry enough to spend your time building a web site that brags about how great your paper airplanes are.  So very sad.