Ok, kiddies, here's a little science trivia game for you.  This
is how the game works.  First of all, read the question.  Then, guess an answer.  Finally, press the button with the question mark on it, see that you got the question wrong and hang your head in shame because you're not smart enough to get it right.  However, if you do get a question right you'll get a very special surprise.  Upon answering the question correctly, a cookie will pop out of your DVD drive.  That's right, a hot, chewy cookie will shoot out of your computer!  If, for some reason, you get the question right and no cookie pops out, you're probably just out of cookie dough.  Simply open up your computer case and pour two eggs, a cup of milk, a package of chocolate chips, a tablespoon of vanilla and one package of cookie mix into the computer.  Then, grab a spoon and mix well, making sure you mash the dough into all of the electronic parts.  Finally, put the case back on, start up your computer again and go back to the trivia game.  Oh, and if your parents demand that you tell them who told you to pour cookie dough into your computer, make sure you tell them that you learned about it in Social Studies. (Yeah, like you learn anything in Social Studies!)

Now, on with the game.

1.  What do epidemiologists study?
           How diseases spread.
           Natural disasters.
           Why scabs are so tasty. (Like little potato chips!)

2.  What's unusual about the basilisk lizard?
           The males raise the babies.
           It can fly.
           It can walk on the surface of the water.
           It tastes just like chicken, but the little bones get
                   stuck in your teeth. (Just like when you eat
                   baby seals!)

3.  What's the fastest any snake can slither on the ground?
           6 mph
           15 mph
           30 mph
           Roughly one hundred times faster than my Saturn.

4.  What did Anton van Leeuwenhoek invent?
           The microscope
           The telescope
           The stethescope
           A machine that can scratch both your back and butt
                   at the same time.

5.  Who discovered penicillin?
           Dr. Charles Drew
           Sir Alexander Fleming
           Dr. Edward Jenner
           Dr. I.P. Freeley

6.  The fastest running insect is the _________.
           Fire ant
           Stage beetle
           Ferrari beetle

7.  This insect, the most dangerous in the world, kills over a
           million people each year.
           The slaughtering death beetle of evil. (Or "Skippy"
                   for short.)

8.  It would take approximately how many mosquito bites
           to drain all the blood from an adult human?
           I don't know, but it take exactly 124 Minute Maid
                   orange juice cartons to hold all of the blood
                   from an adult human. (You don't want to know
                   how I know that, trust me.)

9.  The word "dinosaur" means which of the following?
           Terrible lizard
           Giant lizard
           Old lizard
           "Oh crap.  Run!"

10. How many brains did a Stegosaurus have?
           One more than I do. (Ha!)

11. When is the lowest temperature of the day usually
           Three AM
           Seconds after I get to Cedar Point.

12. Which continent is the windiest spot on earth?
           North America
           South America
           Wherever the most Taco Bells are.

13. By the time you are 75, how many years will you have
           spent sleeping?
           17 years
           23 years
           37 years
           I don't know, but double it for every reading
                   class you take.

14. Who has more bones?
           An adult
           A teenager
           A baby
           Teenagers. (And that's why you have to grind them
                   up very well before you add them to the stew.)

15. If you have "bromidrosis" you have _____.
           Smelly breath
           Smelly armpits
           Smelly feet
           I don't know, but I think I have all three.

16. If you saved all the skin you shed in one year, it would
           weigh as much as a _____.
           Tennis ball
           Who knows?  Shed skin is so yummy that I can
                   barely manage to save it for a week.

17. About how long does it take Pluto to orbit the Sun?
           248 days
           248 years
           2480 years
           There's a dog floating around in space?  Bummer!

18. Olympic Mons is a volcano about three times as tall as
           Mount Everest.  Where is it found?
           In the ocean.
           On my back. (Oh wait, that's a zit!)

19. What element is the most commonly found on the crust
           of the earth?
           Biebergen (It's a really annoying element that
                   the girls just love.)

20. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
           Blah, blah.
           Blah, blah, blah.
           Man, this reminds me of reading class.