You like movies, do ya?  Well, do ya, punk?  If you do, all you have to do is right click on the picture, select "save as" and send it anywhere on your computer you like.  Next,  click on it and it should play.  If it doesn't play, just take off your socks, put them on your hands, and have a little sock puppet show where you act out what you think the videos look like.  I'm sure watching you jam your hands into those nasty socks of yours and shaking them about is just as fun as watching Vento run from a snake. (Actually, it isn't.  I'm just being nice to you because you have a sucky computer and socks jammed on your hands.)

The shark videos are of a leopard shark that's in a 100 gallon tank. (That's big enough for you to take a bath in, assuming you actually bathed.)  Anyhoo, the first two show the shark being fed shrimp with a long black pole.  The pole is needed because the shark can bite your fingers off.  Make sure you turn the volume up so you can hear the crunching sounds!  Check out the other videos too.  The Vento ones will make you lose all respect for Mr. Vento, assuming you had any respect for him in the first place.
My name is Mr. Vento.  Snakes make me cry like a little
Mr. Bell getting ready to feed the snake.
The snake eating the first mouse.
The snake eating the second mouse.
The snake eating the third mouse.
What's the greatest thing Mr. Vento has ever done?  Why it's kicking a homerun during a kickball game at a reward party, of course!
This is the first shark eating video.
This is the second shark eating video.
This video show the shark swimming around in the 100 gallon tank.